How many times have you been in the Lessons Learned meeting at the end of a project and thought 1) why didn’t I think of that, 2) I knew that or 3) not again!

The bottom line is did the project deliver what was expected?  Traceability helps document that promise.

The business owner or major stakeholder defines the charter.  The ability to determine if we delivered on the promise demands the ability to trace from the charter through deployment.

Things to think about:

  • Does the Charter clearly define the business need and have the full support of relevant stakeholders and leaders?
  • Do the business requirements support the charter?
  • Do the system requirements provide the solution to the business requirements that support the charter?
  • Does the QA test plan validate the system requirements that provide the solution to the business requirements in support of the charter?
  • Does the UAT test plan validate the business requirements implemented by the system requirements in support of the charter?

Do you see where I’m going?  Let me keep going…

  •  Do your Change Management plans prepare your stakeholders and end users?  Does it engage leaders; align priorities and job functions to enable change, and measure value?
  • Does your Communication Plan identify different formats and distribution channels based on the impact of the change?
  • Do you have a Transition plan that includes the environments and deliverables post deployment?

Project planning not only includes planning for these tasks but also must include the ability to draw that line from start to finish.